Moment of Um answers those questions that pop up out of nowhere. You know, the ones that make you squint a little and go ummmmmmm.

The show got its start as a popular segment in episodes of Brains On from APM Studios. But there were so many questions that we decided to give Moment of Um its own podcast.

Every weekday, you’ll hear a new question sent in by a kid and answered by an expert. Like have you ever wondered why flamingos are pink or how sand gets to beaches? Or, what if bananas are radioactive or how do boomerangs come back? 

Moment of Um has you covered! We track down experts from around the world to find the answers. Best of all, each episode will be done in under five minutes - a perfect brain snack.

If you have a head-scratcher, Moment of um will help you scratch that itch. Just record a voice memo and send it to us. Upload your file at brainson.org/contact. Moment of Um has a rotating cast of hosts you might recognize from Brains On! and Smash Boom best including Molly Bloom, Marc Sanchez, Sanden Totten, Rosie duPont, Rubie Guthrie, Anna Weggel, Anna Goldfield and many more. 

We’re big on little questions!

Production team:

Molly Bloom, Rosie duPont, Anna Goldfield, Rubie Guthrie, Marc Sanchez, Sanden Totten, Anna Weggel, Anna Goldfield

Anna Weggel

Executive Producer
Beth Pearlman

Chief Content Officer
Joanne Griffith

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